Cameron Lee Clerkley receives ASMMA Scholarship

Congratulations to Cameron Clerkley on being chosen as one of the 2022 ASMMA Scholarship recipients.

Cameron Lee Clerkley is a first-generation Black & Filipino medical student from Hayward, CA and with an interest in becoming a Bay Area Family Physician. He is passionate about health equity and increasing access of health care to under-served communities through health policy and leadership. Cameron is furthermore dedicated to mentoring and empowering future generations of Black and Brown physicians to directly improve patient health outcomes and stimulate positive change in the entire health care system.

Sponsor Levels

President Circle: $20,000

Platinum Sponsors: $15,000

Gold Sponsors: $10,000

Benefactor Sponsors: $5,000

Patron Sponsors: $3,500

Table Sponsors: $2,000

Individual Benefactor Sponsors: $1,000

Individual Patron Sponsors: $750

Ticket(s): $200, $350 or $500 each (depending on level)