About Physicians Medical Forum

The Physicians Medical Forum (PMF), founded in 2002 in Oakland, CA is non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. PMF’s mission is to encourage the retention and recruitment of African-American/Black physicians, and the betterment of health care for people of color and the underserved communities in Northern California. Our primary purpose is to increase the number of practicing African-American/Black and minority physicians in Northern California and primarily in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano and Sacramento, while eliminating health disparities and improving the quality of life for patients.

Encourage Medical Student & Resident Recruitment

Encourage Medical Student & Resident Recruitment PMF strives to partner with medical schools and universities to develop and maintain sustainable initiatives, programs, events, mentoring, and organizational support, etc. which will encourage residents and medical students to pursue their careers in Northern California.

Physicians Retention & Sustainability

PMF understands that an active, viable and thriving physician medical community is key to retaining physicians. This include hosting networking events, maintaining and distribution of a physician resource directory, surveying physician’s opinions, continuing workshops on business, financial planning & investment and other viable maintaining a working relationship with those involved in recruiting physicians.

Education, Training, and Development

PMF provides physicians with opportunities & information; medical education, training & service delivery information; business & professional development; financial & retirement planning.

Research, Policy Paper, Healthcare Forums & Speakers Bureau

PMF strives to provide information on policy, research, legislation and workshop & conferences on a myriad of healthcare initiatives, programs, and related topics.

Networking and Outreach

PMF provides networking opportunities which will support physician sustainability, success and overall well-being.

Sponsor Levels

Presenting Sponsors: $25,000

Title Sponsors: $15,000

Champion Sponsors: $10,000

Benefactor Sponsors: $5,000

Individual Title Sponsors: $1,500

Individual Champion Sponsors: $1,000

Table Sponsors: $2,750

Ticket(s): $275, $500 or $1000 each per person (depending on level)

Individual Tickets for students: $275, $500 or $1000 each per person (depending on level)