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Physicians Medical Forum’s mission is the retention and recruitment of African-American physicians, and the betterment of health care for people of color and the underserved communities in the Bay Area.

Lenox Hill Neurosurgery's BRAINtern Program

caydin sablan

Caydin Sablan, 2019 Doctors On Board Program and Community Health Ambassadors Internship Program

I am reaching out to you as an ambassador for the BRAINterns program by Lenox Hill neurosurgery. It’s a free one-day virtual program for those who’d like to connect with surgeons from the hospital. I’d love to connect with everyone in PMF and spread the word about this exciting opportunity. Those who will attend will also receive a certificate. Hope everyone registers.

The BRAINterns Webinar Series is a groundbreaking program offered by the Lenox Hill Department of Neurosurgery for anyone interested in healthcare. Due to this new remote environment we are living in, we will be offering this program online and enabling that valuable “shadowing” experience through virtual platforms. Through webinars on relevant topics, academic seminars led by leaders from our Lenox Hill Neurosurgery department, and projects focused on the ins and outs of applying to medical school, working for a neurosurgical practice, surgical video editing, and innovation in the clinical research world, students will get an opportunity to learn from renowned surgeons, PAs, NPs and administrative staff to increase their work experience and enhance their CVs.

The next session of BRAINterns is scheduled for December 28th. Click the register tab to sign up for the webinar.

The “Doctors On Board Pipeline Program” is an innovative and exciting opportunity for underrepresented minorities students who are African American, Native American, Pacific Islanders and Latino/Hispanic. Post-baccalaureate, pre-meds, college/university students, community college students, high seniors, juniors and sophomores interested in becoming physicians or pharmacists to will experience a rare snapshot of what it takes to become a physician or pharmacist.
Visit Doctors On Board Program to learn more about this program and apply.
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Community Health Ambassadors Program aims to empower African American youth whose goal is to become a doctor, by training them to serve as ambassadors of health and wellness within their community. Please check out this year’s team projects below or visit the CHA Team Projects page.
Visit Community Health Ambassadors Program to learn more about this program and apply
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Saturday, March 7, 2020

National Medical Fellowships Champions of Health Awards – Bay Area Luncheon

Saturday, March 21, 2020 and Saturday, March 28, 2020

Physicians Medical Forum – 11th Annual Doctors On Board Pipeline Program

Saturday Evening, April 4, 2020

Benefit Fundraiser for the Physicians Medical Forum

Wednesday, April 8 – Sunday, April 12, 2020

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Annual Medical Education Conference – (AMEC)

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Great Accomplishments

Congratulations Brainna Ennis

Brianna Ennis, who is now a 4th-year medical students at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine. Briana was awarded PMF’s Visiting Elective

Congratulations Brainna Ennis

Brianna Ennis, who is now a 4th-year medical students at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine. Briana was awarded PMF’s Visiting Elective

"Where Are They Now?"

So many students, medical students, pharmacy students and resident who have been a part pf PMF over the years have gone on to fulfill their dreams and as doctors, pharmacists and administrators. Let’s take a look to see where they are now.

Bethel Mieso

Medical Student – Ophthalmology
Case Western University School of Medicine
Cleveland, Ohio

PMF Envolvement

  • Doctors On Board Pipeline Program
  • Community Health Ambassadors Internship
  • Mentoring
  • Community Service Learning Project

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Through programs like Doctors On Board Pipeline Program, Community Health Ambassadors Internship Program, Visiting Elective/Visiting Clerkships Resident Scholarships, Educational Workshops, Scholarships, Mentoring and Outreach support for medical students, post bac and high school students, and many other activities, the Physicians Medical Forum (PMF) continues its mission of encouraging recruitment and retention of African-American/Black and underrepresented physicians & pharmacists. PMF strives to have a culturally diverse workforce which provides quality healthcare for people of color, the underserved communities, and indeed, health and wellness for all throughout the Oakland/San Francisco Northern California Bay Area.

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