DLC STEMM Prep Project is a vehicle for producing multiple generations of minority researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (STEMM). Our STEMM Prep Project is a unique training paradigm, which utilizes an early start model for a national pool of minority high achievers, a longitudinal training continuum (10 years) and a multi-institutional mentorship approach.

Students begin our training program as early as the seventh grade and continue through college while rotating during summers through our collaborating institutions’ basic science, engineering and technology labs. DLC STEMM Prep Project offers year-round mentorship, counseling, and advising with our monthly teleconference meetings. As well we offer a mid school year 11th grade retreat focusing on choosing the right college and creating a positive peer network.

The STEMPREP Project has become one of the most successful training initiatives in U.S. history: 100% of our trainees attend college, 100% graduate from college, 92% complete the 10-year regimen and 83% of our college seniors matriculate into post-baccalaureate educational programs in STEMM.

The program is designed to:

The DLC provides a 10-year internship continuum to minority STEM students in order to significantly increase the number of researchers. Accepted trainees begin the 10-year continuum in the summer after the 7th grade, and receive the following regimen through the senior year of college:


Eligible candidates are identified as students enrolled in the 7th through 10th grade. However, the primary entry point into our STEMPREP program is at the 7th grade level. Each year, approximately 60 students beginning at 7th grade are accepted. Acceptances are also offered to 8th through 10th grade students each year and is based upon current enrollment and available seats.


Interested applicants must complete the following:


Selected students will sit for an interview and are then required to complete a vocational interest blank questionnaire.  All of the above criteria are considered before offering an acceptance into the STEMPREP program.


January 15, 2020

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Sponsor Levels

Presenting Sponsors: $25,000

Title Sponsors: $15,000

Champion Sponsors: $10,000

Benefactor Sponsors: $5,000

Individual Title Sponsors: $1,500

Individual Champion Sponsors: $1,000

Table Sponsors: $2,750

Ticket(s): $275, $500 or $1000 each per person (depending on level)

Individual Tickets for students: $275, $500 or $1000 each per person (depending on level)