Champion Sponsors


Sponsor Level Benefits

  • Name/logo on printed invitations (must be confirmed by September 8, 2023, prior to printing)
  • Acknowledged during dinner program
  • Name/logo included in media press release nationwide
  • Ad included in program slide presentation
  • Name/Logo, event announcements or links on PMF website
  • 10 tickets with VIP seating for your guests and/or students
  • Photo Opt in front of Red-Carpet Step-and-Repeat Banner
  • Name on table sign
  • Invitations to post event party in Claremont Hotel Private Lounge
  • PMF special rate for self-parking

Sponsor Levels

Presenting Sponsors: $25,000

Title Sponsors: $15,000

Champion Sponsors: $10,000

Benefactor Sponsors: $5,000

Individual Title Sponsors: $1,500

Individual Champion Sponsors: $1,000

Table Sponsors: $2,750

Ticket(s): $275, $500 or $1000 each per person (depending on level)

Individual Tickets for students: $275, $500 or $1000 each per person (depending on level)