STALFANA BELLO has been the Executive Director of Physicians Medical Forum (PMF) since 2002. PMF’s primary mission is to encourage recruitment and retention of African American physicians as well as underrepresented minority physicians in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Her vision and leadership of the organization’s goals and objectives focus on programs and initiatives related to retaining and increasing the African American/minority physician workforce while eliminating health disparities and improving the quality of healthcare and delivery for patients and the overall community. She has worked with many healthcare organizations, medical schools, hospitals, corporations and government agencies in developing healthcare policy, strategies, initiatives, programs and fund development to support the increase of future generations of physicians leaders and healthcare providers.

The Sinkler Miller Medical Association, National Medical Association, Association of Black Women Physicians, Student National Medical Association, medical schools and residency programs both in California and nationwide, various hospitals, healthcare organizations and incredible funders have been key to PMF and Ms. Bello moving towards their goals.

She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree and completed her post graduate work in education at University of California, Berkeley and then received Secondary Teaching Credential from from the State of California.

She worked in Municipal Government for the City of Oakland in various positions including Agency Administration Manager for several of the key departments, including the Public Works Agency and the Office of Information Technology where she successfully managed and directed day-to-day operations developing policies and best practices for maximum services delivery. She also worked as a Legislative Assistant in Sacramento for an Assemblyman representing the Richmond area in Contra Costa County.

In addition to reading, her special interests include screenwriting, traveling and sharing wonderful dinners with her family and friends.

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